Black Wedding Dresses

For our modern culture traditional wedding dress is white. However, the white wedding dress was only in the 19th century in the era of the Empire, as the white color associated with antiquity. According to history the first white wedding dress wore by Queen Victoria in 1840. So only some 150-200 years is considered to be a traditional white wedding dress.

And here is a photo from the early 20th century, the bride in black:

Also, there is a tradition in the history, for example, to wear a black wedding dress stepping into the third marriage. Just a dark outfit with silver fox came up in the 30s of the last century, Baroness Cassandra Akkurti, the owner of the Parisian fashion house in Russia “Ardans”. It offers a color collection in accordance with the fact that in times of the fair sex trying on the role of the bride. For the first marriage was then set to white, and the second offering a pink wedding dress.
For many black is associated with mourning, but in India, such as the color of mourning is white. Black wedding dress, according to popular belief, is endowed with a special protective power, it reflects on the negative and it can be considered a mascot. Black color is a sign of the degeneration of important changes. And it does not mean that they are bad, but merely indicates their seriousness and that you acknowledge and accept their new role.



Black-and-white wedding dress became wildly popular after Audrey Hepburn appeared in black and white wedding dress strapless Givenchy, created for the movie Sabrina. Women were crazy about this model, which even today is copied by great designers.

These sexy beauties like Marilyn Monroe and Sarah Jessica Parker chose a style of modest wedding dresses the color of the night. The designers themselves offer the bride dress in black. Black wedding dress can be found in the collections of Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta, Marchesa, Atelier Aimée etc.

(Black wedding dress Vera Wang)


(Oscar de la Renta)



Black wedding dress is the most fashionable among the colored wedding dresses. These dresses are usually very expensive. You can save money for a black dress from Vera Wang, but you can also find elegant dresses much cheaper. There is another option: choose a simple dress, white and turn to tailor to add a little black, lace.
Black, like white, is not for everyone. Black marks under the eyes, wrinkles, excessive shade – all this may become more noticeable, so make-up should be especially careful. Another problem is that the image in black dress can be dimmed. That is why we recommend for brides to choose the dress according to her seasonal color analysis or look at the spectacular models of wedding dresses that combine black and white. Most of all black tone dresses are suitable for girl with type of seasonal color “winter.” For girls with type “summer” is recommended to choose a muted tone of black, but in any case, this outfit requires careful selection and fitting. Beating the color on your wedding night, you will look more harmonious and clear to your guests. In the decoration of the hall, invitation, in the cake will be the most spectacular and elegant black and white combination. It is perfect for a wedding stylized retro black-and-white movie. In the photo with the effect of “antiquarian” sepia look chic black wedding dresses.

Even if you have a wedding planner, choosing a black wedding dress, you have to enter the item that you need a cake, suitable for a wedding dress. Black-and-white cake or cake with white chocolate frosting looks wonderful wedding dress in black.
Black Wedding Dresses


Black and white wedding dresses, dresses with elements of black.

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