Bohemian Wedding Dresses

Bohemian style evolved as a result of denial imposed fashion trends, however, it is becoming increasingly popular and itself “come in fashion”. Not surprising, since initially Bohemia was born as opposed to the bourgeois way of life. Bohemian style boho invented by the French in the 15th century. The term “bohemian” comes from the French word “Gypsy” is an eccentric, unconventional lifestyle inherent to artists and creative types. It combines eclectic, hippie, folk and Gypsy style with handmade items. In the Bohemian style is always present the love of freedom and self-expression. Bohemian wedding – the choice of freedom-loving young people, cannot abide any of the templates and prohibitions.

Bohemian style wedding dresses inexpensive but bright, colorful, with lots of jewelry. They are light, airy, loose-fitting. Bohemian wedding dresses do not tolerate corsets, heavy fabrics. The bride should feel free and comfortable. Welcome ethnic motif in the form of embroidery, beads or fringe.

Style of dress can be any: asymmetrical, with or without sleeves, the dress can be long or short. Bohemian style allows you to choose absolutely any color for your wedding dress, you can even combine several bright colors.

If you have opted for a bohemian wedding dress, you should know that this dress is best to put an order to all your desires and ideas have been satisfied.

Massive necklace, hanging earrings, necklaces, attire made of wood, ivory, or leather, the jingle of a ring, hat, shawl – here are the best accessories for bohemian wedding dress.

As for shoes, you can be barefoot (if the wedding venue allows). Shoes can be completely different: from the rough boots with a wide top to braided sandals flat shoes.

Hairstyle should be very simple, even a little disheveled . You can just let your hair down and add a wreath of flowers, or lace bandage. Very nice will look sloppy braids or a hair bun decorated with flowers.

Makeup should be minimal. Choose what you will focus on: eyes or lips. For boho style ideal match nude makeup.

The bride’s bouquet Bohemian should be special, collected specifically for a particular girl, bright and asymmetrical, disheveled and seemingly randomly connecting completely different flowers and plants. For example, bouquet of wild flowers is easy on the eyes.

A little crazy, but this individual and loose Bohemian style will make your wedding ceremony unforgettable. So experiment and then the result will be just amazing.


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