Bridal Hair Accessories (Part 1)

At the present time special attention is given to the selection of wedding hair accessories. These decorations can complement and transform your bridal look. The choice of these accessories is very large, but which to choose? Now becoming more popular is natural beauty of the bride, whose hairstyles are free and easy. And to add the zest to the bridal hair, there are a huge number of accessories, about which we will tell you.

Hair clips

The easiest and most practical way to create beautify hair bride is using a beautiful hair clip. This is a convenient and practical hair accessory for wedding that will support and complement the styling. There are plenty of such bridal hair accessories with rhinestones, flowers, beads. There are hair clips with feathers. Each model of hair clip is able to create an individual image: elegant, romantic, vintage, etc.

If you decide to abandon the veil or remove it after the ceremony, but want to enhance the beauty of your hair, then comb or hair clip can be a wonderful alternative to a veil. Even some couple of years ago the crest as a decoration in the hairstyle was chosen one, but now it’s a fashion trend. With the help of a comb or barrettes, you can not only strengthen the hair but also add to your look a raisin.

The wedding hair accessories can have any form, from simple to embellish with pearls, stones. It is almost never “pulls” attention and blends in well with the elegant look of the bride. If you, as hairstyles, chose a more deliberately disheveled variant, a simple comb will help to lock in wedding hair and would not be excluded from the common wedding style. Hair clips are perfect for rustic wedding. Since the crest is a new trend, yet it is difficult to find the perfect decoration. Therefore, we advise you to pay attention to the clips, which as well can highlight your hair. Do not overload your look, therefore we recommend to use one wedding hair accessories. The brooch should have suitable color and material for your wedding dress and blend in with the overall style of the wedding.

Hair pins

Instead of barrettes, you can use the pins. Classic hairpins are usually completely hidden behind hair and hold the hair as if invisible threads and studs with decorative beads gracefully visible through the strands, creating the effect of pearls or glitter dew drops.

Using of hair pins is very convenient. This bridal hair accessory most is done in white color. But there are also other, less popular today, shades (milk, cream, gold, silver). Importantly, the hairpin should be in harmony with the color of the bride`s gown and other important details of the festivities heroine.
The hairpin must be very petite. Otherwise, it can draw focus, which should be confined exclusively to the happy face of the bride.


Decoration of wedding hair styles can be a satin ribbon. A new trend – ribbons with decorative elements such as ribbons with sequins, beads, rhinestones, etc. Unexpected texture and additional elements on the tapes are actual decoration for creative brides who want to create a unique wedding look.

There are a lot of variants of these wedding hair accessories. The bride should choose a headband, not only because of originality, but also because of the universality, since it matches to all types of people, different hairstyles and gowns. The only one thing to consider is the height of the forehead. The girls, whose forehead is low, it is better to put the tape on the hairline. This visually will increase it. But in other cases, wear it any way you like.

Decorative headband

One of the most popular wedding hair accessories is bandeau that allows you to create incredibly sophisticated and elaborate wedding images. These hair accessories for wedding can be used for long and short hair, hairstyles with high and loose curls. At the same time you can use fabric, plastic, wraps with beads, crystals, pearls.
Among brides remains a very popular classic hairstyle with shaggy. Bandeau is fastened over it, fixed by hairpins and sometimes decorated with ribbon.
Moreover headband, that complements your hairstyle with long curly hair, makes the look very romantic. The bride becomes like a fairy princess. And no matter your hair wavy or straight, dark or light.

Brides with fashionable very short haircuts are into luck too. They can use this hair accessory for bridesmaid with asymmetrical appearance. So they will pay more attention for their originality and sense of taste.

Hairstyles with headbands are rather new trend. Previously it is more used tiaras. But women tend to always be original and compelling. Therefore, wedding hair accessories are continually evolving, adapting to fashionable tide, become more comfortable. Most importantly, the accessory you came and liked. Others will delighted with your joyful eyes and a winning smile.

Floral bridal hair accessories

Flowers are the ideal hair piece for spring and summer weddings, because it is a season of sun, greenery and bright colors. Flowers are ideal for weddings in rustic style and as well as weddings in nature. It is desirable when the flower in bride`s hair combined with flowers in the bride’s bouquet, they can be one kind or color, then you can create a harmonious look. Flowers in hair are in perfect harmony with ribbons.

With the right colors you will set the tone for the whole wedding. For example, the bride with hair decorated with freesias, will look fragile, romantic ladies. Brides who choose medium size spray roses, ranunculus any other large flowers in combination with big curls will impress luxury hollywood divas.
Fresh flowers will serve as a gorgeous decoration for wedding hairstyles. Their presence in the ceremony will make your look of tenderness and romance. A significant drawback of such decorations are short – lived. When choosing flowers for hair, give preference to the most resistant varieties.

Artificial flowers

Unfortunately, fresh flowers quickly wither. Therefore, choosing fresh flowers for hairstyles you can be upset, when in the midst of the festive evening your jewelry will lose its exquisite appearance and become dull detail in the hair.
To avoid such hassles will help alternative solution – artificial flowers. These wedding hair accessories do not inferior to the living flowers and more versatile and practical decoration.


The variety of available options artificial flowers never ceases to amaze. Often artificial flowers embellished with pearls, crystals, beads that adds extra spice. If you want to stand out, you can choose a non-existent flower. Such an exotic version of hair accessories will be your unique accessory.


Wreaths for wedding hairstyles

In case you against a challenging pompous hairstyles, simple plan or thematic styling her hair in the style of “rustic” or “country”, then you will definitely need a floral wreath. It is desirable that it was made of herbs and flowers. Flower wreath in wedding hair the bride will give her look of lightness and naturalness.

Increasingly popular are wreaths in bride`s hairstyle. In combination with curls, braids or plaits, wreath creates an image of a “forest nymph” — sweet and a bit mysterious. The wreath can be as thin and very lush; it all depends on your imagination. Remember that the flowers in the wrong choice and hot weather may lose freshness, so be sure to consult a florist.

All hair accessories must be suitable for the season. Butterflies or flowers in winter – not very appropriate, but in summer and spring it is a good decoration. Autumn barrettes look good in the form of leaves and ribbons. But in the winter the most sophisticated looks pearl and rhinestone. Choosing one or another fashion accessory for wedding hairstyles, pay attention to how he looks in a holistic manner. And then you will be simply irresistible.


We hope our selection of photos wedding hair accessories, will help You to make a right choice!
There is more to come

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