Bridal Hair Accessories (Part 2)

No matter how beautiful and blinding your wedding dress, image of the bride will look incomplete without the right wedding hair accessories. Bride should use wedding hair accessories that will help her look as good as possible on your wedding day. Before you plan to use any style, we recommend several options to consider jewelry for wedding hairdo. Well-chosen hair accessory can transform bride`s image into something fantastic. In the #first part of the article we have already described some hair accessories such as hair clips, hairbands, floral accessories and wreaths.

Bridal veiling

Veil is the one wedding hair accessories of the bride, which can only be put on for the wedding and this is its main value. Despite the fact that in recent time fewer brides choose veil as image decoration, it’s a classic that never goes out of fashion and is suitable for almost any wedding image and dress. This hair wedding accessories can help to create a subtle yet mysterious image of the bride and make unforgettable photos.

Choosing a bridal veiling, it should be recognized that it may not be seen bride`s hairstyle and it can be difficult to walk all day (especially if you have a long veil). It is not necessary to wear a veil all day, but don’t deprive yourself of the moment when the groom lifts it for the first kiss his bride. If you don’t plan to take off the veil during the day, you can make a simple classic lock or big curls that will perfectly harmonize with this accessory for wedding.
You can wear a veil on the ceremonial part and the photo shoot, and in the middle of the day to remove it, replace by beautiful comb or flower. Choosing the veil as wedding hair accessories, wear it either in the top so that it would be like “flows down” or at the back. Veil fixed almost at the base of the neck, under the lock, sometimes looks like a “cloak-tent”, but it all depends on your image. Hold a rehearsal the hairstyle with a veil.

Mysterious wedding veil over face

Translated from the French language “voilе” means veil or curtain.
The veil is a woman’s wedding hair accessory, which is fully or only partially hides face. The veil could be an item of headwear like hat. And there may be a separate hairdo of thin translucent fabric that hides the face of a beautiful lady. In ancient times it was believed that the veil protects the bride from evil spirits and bad eyes of rivals. Even when a modest bride lifts her veil in to the gesture felt particularly feminine. When the groom lifts the veil it is a symbol of humility of future wife. If a bride wants to indicate its independence in her marriage – they do it together.

Wedding veil typically is a transparent mesh with small flies or delicate lace, embroidered with beads or beading. Beads can be made of glass and pearl, as you like.
The veil in the English style is a hair accessory for wedding which does not require any complex and intricate hairstyles. This is elegant mesh which length hides the eyes and sometimes the nose. This veil is the most convenient for weddings, as it allows you to feel comfortable and not interfere with the kisses, which of course will be a lot at the wedding.

The voile in French style can be fixed in different ways. There is a variant when veils fasten by hairpin in the center of the hairdo and birdcage wedding veil can simply be attached to the hat that is very comfortable and feminine.

The bridal veil over face is a romantic and mysterious element, endowed with a special charm. Hairstyle with this hair accessory for wedding looks gentle and aristocratic, and it is very appropriate if the bride`s dress is made in retro style. Select the wedding veil over face make sure that it harmonizes seamlessly with your gown and wedding style. If you have a big, high hairdo, you should avoid hats and extensive flowers with a veil. Pick a more modest and sophisticated variants.

Vintage wedding veil

Vintage wedding veils are wedding hair accessories for the brides, emphasizing innocence and beauty. This year at the peak of popularity is vintage wedding veil. In Europe this veil is called the Juliet cap. Usually, this Juliet cap was supplemented by two lush flowers on the left and right side. Such hair accessories for wedding were popular not only in the 16th century. The wedding veil was irreplaceable wedding accessory and in the 20-ies of the last century.

Most used veil without flower or with a flower on one side.
This kind of veils is for the girls with short hair or who have hair with light waves. Such variant is perfect for wedding look in #vintage style, retro, #bohemian chic, art-deco, modern.

The veil without or with one flower is more suitable for narrow wedding dresses in retro style of the 20’s or 30’s, with a simple cut, without skirts. Beautiful and unique image will create #long sleeved wedding dresses in combination with a Juliet cap. This year such hair accessory was chose for their weddings by stars like Kate Moss and Lily Allen.
(Kate Moss wedding veil)

(Lily Allen wedding veil)

This is a great decoration for stylish set and short hair. With the help of Juliet cap you can make your bridal look incredibly feminine, delicate and romantic.
Choosing such wedding hair accessories, you cannot bother for creation a complicated hairstyle, it is enough to make easy styling, because the veil do not require complex hairstyles and may even cover your hair. Variations of these gentle and daring hair wedding accessories are crowd: layered, embellished with lace and without it, decorated with flowers, embroidery, rhinestones and feathers, pearls; you can find the Juliet cap without veil. And if other types of veils, for example, mantilla or shortened, can match for most hairstyles and images, the Juliet cap should fit and understand is it suitable or not to your facial features and wedding gown, and to remember about the format and concept of the wedding style.

Wedding diadem

Elegant royal look can be created with the help of wedding diadem. It is a sure version if you want to look luxurious and majestic. However, the choice of hair accessories for wedding should be approached with special attention. This accessory should be in harmony with other elements of the bride’s image. That is why classic tiaras are often replaced with more modern options.

Today bridal salons offer a huge selection of wedding tiaras, ranging from small and modest to spectacular great. It is important to remember that when you choosing face shape plays a huge role. Brides with round face shape can select high diadem, it is better if it will have an edged “peak”. This way you will be able significantly to pull a face. Brides with a triangular face, on the contrary, should give preference to low, equal to the thickness the diadem, without tapering and elevations. The best option is a decoration with ornate patterns in the form of flowers.

For example, the tiara matches well with the lush, truly royal dress. Less appealing it will look with a simple light, airy, translucent dress. So it is better to buy diadem after you have decided the style of your wedding dress.
Regarding the hairstyles we can say that the tiara looks very nice when hair is smooth in the frontal area, while the entire “design” falls on the nape.

We hope our selection of photos wedding hair accessories, will help You to make a right choice!

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