Bridesmaid Dresses – how to choose stylish gown

Over the past few years have become very popular to ask over the wedding ceremony not one but several bridesmaids. Indeed, many girls from childhood or student years developed is an own strong company and give preference to one’s can be very difficult. And just when happy bridesmaids have already received the title, there’s another problem – what should be the bridesmaid dresses? Most decides to order the same bridesmaid dress for everyone to reach the perfect style throughout. However styled wedding changed all the rules and bridesmaids wear what they like, what fits and emphasizes their femininity. Therefore, to avoid chaos wardrobe we follow a few simple rules to those who decided to give free rein to dress her friends.
Bridesmaid dress style
Model of floor-length dresses can be any; narrowed at the waist or chest (the second option is more desirable). The upper part of dress can be free or fitting straps neckline can begin to go up to the task, stay on one shoulder. If there are many bridesmaids at the wedding, each can choose any style top, but the length and color of their clothing should be identical. In this case, for you will help dress-transformer.




Contrasting things always attract attention, but in any case it is impossible to exaggerate the number of them to not turn on the style patchwork of unknown origin. Different bridesmaid dresses? Great idea, but should set limits. For example, the dress may differ among themselves only color and fabric, or fabric and sewing or tailoring and color. Do not allow to create too much difference and personally assist girls choose clothes to be able to timely advise to pay attention to another thing.


Please be aware that the bridesmaids may differ markedly from each other: the stature, the color of the hair on the skin type. If one dress hangs perfectly on the girl, for other it can look pretty funny. For the golden mean you should consider to several options:
– One of the main components of the bride dresses may be the same and the other part is arbitrary. For example, bodice or corset may be all the same to style and color and the bottom – different. In this case, you can wear a skirt and pants.


– Bridesmaids dresses are designed in one color scheme, but in a style completely different.



– Dress style uniform and the colors are different.





– You can divide friends into pairs. Each pair will be presented in different bridesmaid dresses. For example, the first pair is flaunted in a pink hue bridesmaid dresses, the second pair – blue trouser suit tint and the third pair chose a skirt suit with a purple hue. You can also dress sustain each pair in a color scheme. For example, pale – pink, pink and rich red.
– Use a bridesmaids dress same accessories: belts, neckbands, hats.





It is prohibitively for bridesmaid the white floor-length dress, which make it look the same like a wedding bride. The exception may be the only for the youngest who plan to dress all the friends and girlfriends in white garments, but less noticeable style. If it is late to change anything, “dilute” the image of bright colors with accessories: ribbons of bright crimson or red, woven into the hair, hoop, jewelry, belts. This is undesirable black bridesmaid dress, if it is not marriage that is conceived in contrast. Outfit has the winning look when it contains black fragments and any light color. These dresses well correct figure, not gloomy, stylish and harmoniously combine romance and elegance. Often bridesmaids choose beige, pastel, golden and silver colors as well as blue, violet, blue, light green.


The elementary rules of etiquette tell us that this day is feasting your girlfriend, so you should not be more beautiful than she. The deep neckline and seductive necklines are perfect if you want to buy a dress on the second day of the wedding, which is usually celebrated in a more informal atmosphere, such as a nightclub. Following from the above, we can conclude that the bridesmaid dress should be elegant, feminine and rather restrained. If it is ideally combined with a dress of the bride – an added bonus. Remember, it is important to avoid vulgarity in the wedding day itself.
Be sure that you wear the comfortable shoes. Not necessary it should be a high heel. It is suitable for medium heel height or wedges. On this day you will move much, which is why dress and shoes should be comfortable. In any case, better bring the alternate comfortable shoes.


Currently, many salons offer a wide selection of dresses for bridesmaids. Usually those prices are quite high. Thriftier variant is taking on the hire dress.
Below you will find lots of pictures of bridesmaid dresses. We hope that on our site you will find what you are looking for. Thank you!


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