Country Wedding Dresses

If you are going to organize your wedding in country style, the most important and difficult task – how to choose a wedding dress. Because everything should look nice and appropriate. We will offer you a few ideas about country style wedding dresses.


Most importantly, country wedding dress should be simple. No bourgeoisie, heavy fabrics and etc. Fabrics should be natural, such as linen, suede, cotton Dress can be any length. Remember that style enables maximum comfort and freedom. Consider this when choosing wedding dresses.


Nothing associated with the style of country and Western as denim. Try a denim wedding dress! It will look especially and totally fit into the theme of your wedding. Dress can only have only denim inserts, if you want. In any case you will look original.

A distinctive feature of the dresses of those times – corsets. Real or decorative – all will make your incredible waist and more feminine look.

One of the main attributes – cowboy boots. At the wedding in country style can not do without them, you can order them or decorate yourself.


Fringe has always been associated with cowboys, so can be finished with fringed her wedding dress. Fringe will look great on the sleeves and belt.


To your wedding dress is very suitable suede and leather decoras. Gloves and cowboy hat will complete your look.


As accessories to the wedding dress in country style is well suited a variety of jewelry in Indian style, baubles, ornaments of beads, wooden earrings and necklaces. Also would be appropriate leather straps with large buckle.

You also have the option to wear a plaid shirt and jeans, braid braids, add a scarf and look like a real cowboy. But this is a risky option and it is suitable for those who want to look unusual at your wedding.

And those brides who do not want to deviate from tradition, you can wear a simple wedding dress with lots of frills and add one or 2 items in country style, for example boots and a hat.

Makeup and hairstyle should be simple as possible. Try to look natural. For the bridal bouquet is perfect wildflowers.


Difficult to decide to depart from established traditions? But imagine how excited you will remember your wedding day that will be special! So you can’t be afraid of bold and decided action, because it’s not what I think about you and what you think about yourself.

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