Green Wedding Dresses

Green wedding dress is meted infrequently, but it is not rareness. Luscious shades of green remind us of the approach of spring. Green color not only attracts the eye, but also beckons with its chic and glitter and green wedding dresses are undoubtedly adorable. Green – the choice of fashionistas who want to make a splash in the world of brides who are married in unusual wedding dresses.

The choice of green for your dress says about a number of advantages in the character of mistress. She’s stubborn, proud, has great willpower, responsible, well developed intellectually. She will always respect and appreciate her husband.
Long green dress had a unique ability to guard against adverse effects of the external environment, thus, it is acted kind of psychological dam that able to protect from external irritants. However, the green wedding dresses are not meted often, but this is not to say about their unpopularity or other negative factors, and can only depend on the character of the bride.

Symbolism of the green

It is known that in Ireland the bride traditionally wear a green wedding dress with a hat decorated with green ribbons, because there had always believed that this color brings only happiness.

Green and some its shades are a symbol of hope and prosperity. It means different things in different cultures around the world. However, there is no mention of the negative of that color. The choice of green for a wedding dress says strong will of its owner, perseverance and determination, indicates high self-esteem and persistence attitudes.

Green not only represents nature, but also symbolizes harmony and growth. In the middle ages, the bride can choose a dress of green color as a symbol of fertility. Green color is also interesting because depending on the shade it can be refreshing or vice versa to radiate heat. Moreover green color can be the perfect choice for weddings at any time of year. If the spring it is better to choose fresh grassy green, in autumn is a nice olive green. For winter months you should choose dark, rich shades close to pine color.

Green theme for a wedding celebration is ideal for a quiet couple, confident in their feelings. Also green will suit the taste of the newlywed’s people who care about the environment, so they can express their position in life and taking care of nature in the most important day of their lives.

Green wedding dress for bride
Green wedding dress has some positive aspects, in comparison with white it is not as easily soiled. The green color is more rich and juicy. It will surely attract the attention of others. It is known that the green color is not suitable for every bride, but its palette of shades are very diverse (light green, emerald green, pine-malachite, khaki, jade, olive, herbal, lime, the color of moss, the color of asparagus, marshy) every girl will be able to find your ideal look.

It is believed that green wedding dress is more suitable for brides with red or brown hair. If the bride is blonde, it is best to try light green, pistachio, emerald, and similar variants of green.

Wedding dress green would be a great option not only for girls who first enter into the marital union, but also for women who are married again. Green wedding dress looks very original with white veil.

Silk or satin green wedding dress will go perfectly with various ornaments of malachite, silver and will look good with emerald or diamond tiara.
At first glance it may seem that green can be combined only with white, black. But actually it can be combined with other colors and shades. How do you like the combination of pink and green? In our opinion, they are producing an unusual impression. It is the result of what was being used delicate colors and very bright shades of pink and green.

Green tempts variety of interesting combinations. You can choose the classic combination of green and white. But if you have the desire to make the brightness in the wedding party, the green color can complement pink or purple. A spring wedding can also be made in pastel colors, then the perfect addition to green to lemon color. If you chose the green color for a winter wedding, then it would be appropriate to add the vinous tone. At the same time, a winning combination may be green with blue.

Green wedding dress from satin or silk fabric will blend in perfectly with ornaments of malachite, silver, and diamond or an emerald diadem. Gamma green may vary from light pastel shades to rich coniferous-malachite, bringing this outfit is more of an evening dress.

We hope our selection of photos green wedding dresses, will help You to make a right choice!

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