Mermaid Style Wedding Dresses

Without doubt, wedding mermaid wedding dresses are very sexual, because the lines of the female body they become even more attractive and seductive. And demeanor of the woman turns in the mermaid dress.

Wedding dresses in the style of “mermaid” or “fish” came into vogue relatively recently. However, this cut was known already in the Victorian epoch, when women wore form-fitting dresses, flair out above the knee and formed a loop. After a while the silhouette “mermaid” began to be used for evening dresses. And now the bride can show off the mermaid wedding dress and in her happiest day.

What is wedding dress mermaid? The basis of this dress silhouette is the style “Princess” who likes young girls. Bodice crop top and full skirt makes any bride look like a fairy princess. But in style “mermaid” dress completely fits the shape of the girl, emphasizing its advantages. And the skirt of the dress starts to flair out just above the knee, but not below.

There are a few styles of mermaid gown among which the bride can choose exactly what you like the most. Let’s start with the classic – “fish”. Wedding dress “fish” is most often sewed with a cutting part to which it then adds a lush skirt of the shuttlecock. If you remove the lower part of the skirt, you will see that the gown by its silhouette follows the style of pencil dress. But added “tail” makes the figure of a girl like silhouette of mermaid, very sexy and seductive.

Also dresses style mermaid can be integral. In this case they resemble the style of trumpet dress where only use wedges to give the fluffiness of the skirt and the waves. The more wedges used for sewing skirts, the more waves and splendor will be your “tail”.

If you are looking for wedding dress mermaid with a train, then pay attention to this style, where the front of the skirt is straight and the wedges were inserted only at the sides and back. This dress is very interesting, as the front is flat and the rear has quite a long train.

What you should know when choosing mermaid wedding dresses? Such bride’s gowns are always not cheap because of the complexity of the work. As for the fabric, you need to choose a fairly dense fabric in any case, as the basis. Most often preferred atlas. This mermaid wedding dress can be layered over satin came down chiffon, lace, organza, etc. Through the textile and the complexity of the cut such gown can be very expensive. Of course, you can find cheap mermaid wedding dresses, the main thing is that the fabric was quite heavyweight and dense, otherwise the dress will accentuate all the flaws of your figure, show others the outline of your underwear and will not hold the shape.

Also make sure that the dress fits well on your figure. If the dress is an oversized, it will not emphasize the hips and waist. Too narrow wedding dress also should not be. Because of the cut your step will be limited and uncomfortable. Make sure that you are comfortable to walk, sit and climb stairs.

Wedding dress in the style of “mermaid” is suitable for girls with a perfect figure. If you have certain drawbacks, such as too thick thighs or a small tummy that you wish to hide, it is better to prefer another style of dress. In dress “fish” all the shortcomings will be highlighted. Flat buttocks can also ruin your side view, as they would highlight the silhouette of the dress.

Wedding dress “mermaid” can be with a fairly deep cut that will emphasize the shape of the breast. Although such variant of the dress should be abandoned, because the sight should be focused on all the advantages of your figure. Allow yourself a bit of modesty, because you are the bride and not a star on the red carpet!

Contrary to popular belief, mermaid and other narrowed models of wedding dresses are suitable for plus-sized women; some podgy brides look beautiful in it. Typically, thy are holders of the body form “hourglass” – full hips and relatively narrow breasts, pronounced waist. The secret is to choose mermaid dress where “tail” begin to flair out from mid-thigh or a little higher on skirt, but in any case not below the knee. Also to this dress it is necessary to wear foundation garment, for visual tighten the tummy and hips.

Below you will find photos of different variants of mermaid wedding dresses.
(Mermaid wedding dress with bridal veil)


(Mermaid wedding dress with sleeves)


(…and different beautiful models)

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