Orange Wedding Dresses

The traditional color of wedding gowns in European wedding is white or its different hues: champagne, ivory, etc. However, white wedding dress is favor not for all brides in European countries. For example, in Spain traditional color of the wedding dress is orange. In Spain the bride’s gown can not be without orange shades, because the fact that orange is an evergreen plant and therefore the bride will be always healthy and young. So if you want to stay in a marriage of her youth and beauty – wear orange wedding dress or decorate hairdo by orange flowers. Orange symbolizes the straightforwardness and sincerity in relations, as well as the reverie and passion.


The orange wedding dress is the red and yellow tandem; it is as warm as a sunny yellow hue and bright as red. It is associated with love, inspiration and very uplifting. In Eastern cultures, the color orange means prudence, purposefulness, sociability.
What actually colors combined orange palette? Orange, which is found in nature, better harmonizes within the rustic or eco wedding. This is primarily brown and green, so its visualization of tangerine and sea-buckthorn tree, if you like it.

There is no bad weather for orange wedding dress. Winter orange color with ripe persimmon, knitted accessories and mandarins, of course, will make your wedding much warmer.

Spring wedding fits peach color – romantic, fresh and velvety. Peach round balloons, sweets and cocktails on the basis of the peach and peach wedding dress – mandatory invited to your intimate wedding.

Summer orange wedding dress can be used and combined in geometry and boho style. This means chevron, fringe, bright flowers, ribbons, kite and any fun things.

But for the orange gown is the perfect time of the year, of course, autumn. Orange wedding dress is a great choice for an autumn wedding, a themed photo will turn out very bright and colorful, particularly if make use of appropriate details: solar apricots and oranges, bright umbrellas, a book bound in orange and funny glasses, wreaths of autumn leaves, etc.


Orange dress will look good on all women and girls, except for brunettes and blondes with fair skin. Brighter shades of orange wedding dresses are recommended for dark-skinned and dark-haired ladies. And for those who have red hair it is perfect soft orange tone, for example, ochre or peach. Jewelry it is advisable to choose from gold, but not silver. Gold looks better with orange dress.

Beautiful orange wedding dresses can be found from the designer Elie Saab.
(Elie Saab orange dresses)


But peach dresses have many options. However, for such dress it is very difficult to find a veil, but the ideal floral wreath in the same spirit. Peach tone ideal for wedding, it’s warm, girlish, elegant and rare! You can improve the image by the cute peach boats.
(Peach wedding dresses)

The important thing here is to be very careful with semitones of orange, if all the details will vary in shades, the image will turn out ugly – everything has to be plain. Makeup for “orange” bride should be very light, almost unnoticeable and the hairstyle is not difficult, enough beautifully coiffured hair, especially fine if it is carrot. By the way, it is piquant idea to find peach lingerie for the wedding-night.

Bright orange dress is difficult to find, but it will make you a really fatal and bright beauty. If you prefer classic variant, you can choose a white or beige dress with orange trim line neckline, lace, hem, you can add an image and a bright orange belt and a veil or a train to tab bright orange flowers. If you are lucky enough to find orange color gloves or shoes, they are perfect to the style of such wedding. You can wear orange jewelry and tie a ribbon in the hair or wear a wreath.

Orange wedding dress without good lighting begins to fade, so make up for orange dress should be such that would give the skin a warm, glowing hue. This will help you a bronze color powder and eye shadows in brown or golden hue. Light lip gloss will be the perfect replacement matte lipstick. According to expert opinion, choosing makeup under an orange wedding dress, you should focus on any one part of the face. If you decided to do the accent on the lips, the eyes should be a natural color, but if on the eyes – then the lips natural tone.

Choosing a wedding bouquet you should adhere to the overall theme of the wedding. Note the beautiful orange flowers: ranunculus, elegant calla lilies, romantic parrot flowers, lilies and freesia. The same time it can be gerberas and tulips. Feel free to add in your bouquet decorative citruses. Autumn bouquet can consist entirely of leaves or grasses interspersed with sea buckthorn, for example.

We hope our selection of photos orange wedding dresses, will help You to make a right choice!


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