Purple Wedding Dresses

Several years ago, it was inconceivable that a wedding dress can be not a traditional white or ivory in its many shades. Today we are witnessing a change of this tradition, more and more brides are choosing colored wedding dresses — red, green, blue and even black! Another beautiful color that you can choose for your wedding is purple.

Purple wedding dress. It is the color of dreamers and visionaries. They think that life is full of magic, luck never turn away and the world will change according to their desires and fantasies. The bride, who prefers it, not only wants to charm and delight others, but herself and wishes to be in a state of wonder. Usually this color is preferred by emotionally elevated people, women in pregnancy and sexual minorities. To them, the world seems like a magical place, where they only need to steal a magic lamp of Aladdin, so it brought them all.

So, according to the legends, purple was one of the most popular color recognized beautiful of the ancient world – Cleopatra, later same time purple is often chosen for their outfits kings by dukes and other noble person to emphasize their position in society and to create around himself a certain aura of mystery and uniqueness. In traditional Chinese painting the purple color is the personification of the harmony of the whole universe, so outfits like shades often look very stylish, feminine and incredibly attractive.

Purple wedding dress recommendation
If your wedding ceremony takes place in the evening, you can choose more intense shades of lilac and purple and satin fabric, but always keep the airiness and simplicity of style. In the evening light this air-purple dress will look especially charming.

Very elegant and unusual look straight purple wedding dresses. For differentiation this kind of bride`s gown from the evening dress we recommend to choose soft pastel colors (lavender or light amethyst) in combination with a fluffy skirt.


This color is very capricious and for the avoidance of irrelevant or even ridiculous look, you should remember some simple rules:
The most profitable this color looks on dark skin, because if you tanned and dark-haired can safely purchase the wedding dress in bright purple tones. Bright and sun-untouched skin, these shades will make even more pale and expressionless the whole bride`s look.

With bright purple wedding dresses can experiment not only dark-skinned brunettes but also girls with hair blond color. Tanned can feel free to dress in dark purple and bright hue.
Girls who have not had time to sunbathe, better to have accessories in these colours or soft pastel shades.
It is recommended for bright brunettes to choose thick, dark colors – blueberry, ink, indigo and pure, bright purple color.
Fair-haired girl should suit transparent-lilac, violet, gray-purple, lavender shades.
But if you have red or brown hair, you can choose shades of ripe plum, lilac-red, violet-red and the color of red grapes.
The bride in a purple wedding dress must avoid bright and flashy accessories that the look was not “overloaded”.


Wedding dress white and purple
White with purple wedding dress is ideal for more conservative brides. In addition, since purple is the color-symbol of the Catholic Church, in these gowns sometimes Catholic brides walking down the aisle.
If you like experiments, dilute the white and purple wedding dress with light purple, pink or blue.

White dresses with elements of purple are very diverse. This can be a wedding dress with purple ribbon, belt or topped with a purple bow. Often ribbon at the waist and goes into a beautiful big bow. Under this gown it is advisable to choose wedding jewelry to match the shade of purple on the dress.

And don’t forget about the accessories – flowers in the bouquet, the shoes and clutch should all be in the same tone.

We hope our selection of photos purple wedding dresses, will help You to make a right choice!

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