Red Wedding Dresses

Must the bride`s gown to be white? In the middle of the last century you would have strongly categorical answered “Yes”. But not today, when innovation, style, look and even epatage are valued above the tradition and conservatism.

However, if you look a little further into history we find that white dress also have made a revolution in wedding fashion, simultaneously with the French revolution: the first white wedding dress history ascribes the wife of Napoleon Bonaparte princess Murat. Among women of that time was quite popular to get married in a black dress (see our article “BLACK WEDDING DRESSES“).

And only affordable, rapid twenty-first century blew up wedding fashion catwalks colorful wedding dresses, as well as various combinations of colors and their combinations. If to turn away from the desire to look original, what is the advantage of non white wedding dresses from a practical point of view?

When the conversation drifts to the wedding, many women do not dare to choose a red wedding dress. Let’s look at the pros and cons of red wedding dresses.

Inspiration of red

If you believe the psychologists, a red wedding dress is chosen by strong and active brides who are able in life to achieve success, despite the scope of its activities. Rich red is a color that expresses speed, game, power, passion and danger. Red wedding dress is chosen by an active, bold and decisive bride who does not accept the opinions of others to heart. Modest bride in such dress will feel not comfortable, but at the wedding the main thing is to be yourself. Quite often, wedding dresses with such color are preferable for older bride who is not the first time walking up the aisle. All due to the fact that white is a symbol of innocence and this dress is not appropriate for mensch. The red dress in this case looks very solemn and luxurious.

Don’t think that red wedding dresses are very vulgar: the red color has many shades. For example, in the collection of the American designer Vera Wang presented fifteen dresses with different hues of red, from orange and to cherry. By the way, the red wedding dress is a great idea for a winter wedding.
(Vera Wang red dresses)

Red wedding dress has worn in the Eastern countries since olden times. Still this color is popular in India, Pakistan, China, Thailand and Turkey. For the Chinese, red is a symbol of prosperity, health and wealth, for Pakistanis – joy and beauty. For Indians, red is the traditional color of the wedding dress.

Of course, Western culture has left its mark on traditional dress in Eastern brides. Wedding dresses have become more sexy and modern. Also, it’s slightly half-forgotten European tradition, which originated in the ancient Roman Empire. Then every bride on the wedding day wore a bright red veil, which symbolized wealth and many love couples in the future.

The look of red bride
If the wedding day you decided to wear a wedding gown of red color, it is fully consider your image. Pay special attention to the choice hue. Also, any of these shades in the dress of the bride can complement the darker or lighter elements that can make the perception of a completely different look. When choosing a color you should consider the type of your figure and appearance. For plus-sized brides better to fit dark shades, for brunettes – bright colors and for blondes – more muted. Don’t forget that the selected color should be in harmony with the wedding. The makeup for a red dress should make your image more vivid. The choose accessories to match her dress or other parts of your garment, for example: red shoes, red gloves, red ornaments and so on.

If you stop your attention on choosing a plain red dress – make sure that you highlight key points. Expertly arranged bright parts, accessories and elements of the drapery will not only accentuate the features of your figure, but also to create individual and unique style of sensual and confident in their feelings of the bride.

Red and white wedding dress

For wedding fashion today tends return red color with its shades. However, not many brides decide to wear a red wedding dress. Therefore, the best option is to add red color to the traditional white wedding dress. For example, red can be a cape, boutonnieres and artificial flowers. Also might be an option wedding dresses with red sash, a bow or ribbon. As a result, you get a red and white wedding dress. It was full of traditional, on the other side, it will give the bride a zest and passion.

Today there are two fashion trends is to combine lace and red. You can originally and likely to combine on red fabric white lace or white fabric with red lace. For example, a red satin skirt and a white bodice with red lace. Nowadays there is a huge selection of red and white wedding dresses. Among them are ball gowns, short dresses and wedding dresses of empire or mermaid style. A huge plus of red wedding dress is that it can be worn after the wedding as an evening garment. Therefore, if you are a practical bride, you can buy red evening dress. It will look great in combination with a bridal bouquet, veil and other accessories.

Red wedding dress will be suitable only for confident and bold brides who are not afraid to go against the traditions. No need to wear it, if during the fitting you feel not comfortable. Maybe deep down you have a dream to get married in a white dress and if you choose another color, then you can take a lifetime to regret it. So be sure to listen to your heart and do not run after fashion.

Here you will find photos of red and red-white wedding dresses.

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