Secret of the bridal bouquet (Part 1)

The bouquet is an essential part of the bride look. Even in ancient Rome, the bride was carrying its likeness – a wreath of rosemary and garlic (the symbol of fidelity and abundance). Ivy is as a symbol of eternity and constancy in love with the addition of flowers of the orange tree – the symbol of abundance. In ancient Egypt the use of the lily is the personification of happiness and hope. The British added to their bouquets alcohol because of its smell.

Most suitable flowers are considered to be white, the symbol of tenderness, freshness, purity, innocence. Harmonious bouquet of lilies, tulips, daisies, chrysanthemums will be suitable for a wedding alfresco.

More elegant would look bouquets of calla lilies and orchids. White lace symbolizes purity, simplicity, delicacy and fragility of family relations. Satin ribbon, which tied bouquet, is responsible for the flexibility and strength of family ties. For symbols of joy to add to a bouquet or completely make it from asters, for passion – phlox.

Whatever beautiful and desirable flowers, not all are suitable for a wedding ceremony. It is not recommended to use bouquets of camellias, daffodils and gladioli, because these beautiful flowers are considered to be mourning. Select a bouquet so that it did not stand out bright spot on your background. All focus should be on you and not your bouquet.
The bouquet is selected for the bride and groom together and presented in the morning, before the wedding. There is an omen that dried bouquet should sew in the pillow and it will save feelings of young marrieds.

Below we describe some of the most popular versions of the bride’s bouquet.

Rose is a versatile flower that is beyond the seasons and suitable for everybody. It combines royal grandeur, nobility, beauty, tenderness and softness. In different cultures the flower symbolizes different, but all belong to the rose in a special way – as the queen of flowers. Roses are the most popular flowers including the bridal bouquet. White, cream and pink predominate over the rest.
Bouquet of roses is unbeatable classic of wedding genre. A lot of varieties, shades and shapes, great endurance and affordability make it the most popular flower in modern weddings.

Roses have always been a symbol of love and romance. Its charm rose was able to win the hearts of many girls. Before its beauty could not resist the Romans and the ancient Greeks, who sang of the rose in poetry, songs, legends. This wonderful flower has become a symbol of beauty and love.
The astrological signs of rose are Taurus, Aries, Leo, Libra, but other signs of the zodiac do not worry, because the rose is the flower of love, it is not be unsuitable for someone.

Red roses are given as a sign of great love, so the groom on the wedding day can give the bride a bouquet of red roses, the deeper and darker the color – so stronger the feelings, but with red roses need to be careful, because they don’t always fit the image of the bride.

This flower successfully highlights the tenderness and charm of the bride. Wedding bouquet of carnations or roses is quite solemn and requires some bride’s pomposity and a bouquet of daisies allows her to be herself. It is perfect for romantic girls and wedding dresses with in #boho style.

White charming flowers are appropriate and suitable even to the #simple wedding dresses. Wedding bouquet of daisies is the beauty and warmth of a summer day. Interestingly, there are more than 15 kinds of camomiles and they are all very different: large and small, long and short petals, with large and tiny leaves.


Lily of the valley symbolize happiness and joy. These bouquets look very simple, not pretentious and yet, very stylish. Bouquet with lily of the valley is a real exclusive! Airy, tender and flavorful, we think these flowers have just been collected in a forest. This bouquet will be extraordinarily beautiful “accessory” to the classic white wedding dress, to wedding along with a train.

Lilies of the valley tied with white ribbon – the most touching wedding bouquet. It perfectly emphasizes the innocent image of a young bride. No other flowers are not required; just add a bit of greenery.

The color palette of the lilies is not limited to traditional white color, there are now varieties a little pinkish and with double-flowering. It should be remembered that these flowers do not tolerate in bridal bouquet of any other plant. These flowers sounded the main note in a wedding bouquet of Kate Middleton, which made them a hit of floral fashion for a long time to come. For weddings, these flowers are really the best option, because they symbolize purity, tenderness and love.

In the next article we will continue consideration of flowers (orchids, lilies, calla lilies, sunflowers) as a bridal bouquet and also introduce you to “flower alphabet”.

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