Silver Wedding Dresses

Silver wedding dress requires special attention. Recently surprise by dress for wedding is quite difficult. This is understandable, because the stores have many incredibly beautiful models of different colors. However, among them it is interesting stands out wedding dress with silvery hue. This gown really will surprise even the most steadfast audience. The subtle chatoyancy of silver color on daylight will make the bride a real pearl. Silver wedding dresses look equally beautiful both in winter and in summer hot day. Glitter dresses will be pleased to take a leak and in the light of day, at the marriage ceremony and the banquet hall.

The most interesting image is shimmering silver dress from complicated fabrics with spraying and frost mica patterns of Swarovski crystals that accentuate the purity and northern charm of the bride-blonde.

Silver wedding dress worn by ladies of the late nineteenth century, but now it is the perfect grey winter dress with silver floral patterns becomes relevant. It will harmoniously fit when the wedding is held at a frosty time of year and also in the case when the bride venerate traditions and want to stand out from the crowd of women in stamped fluffy white dresses.

Any vintage wedding adorn the bride in pearl, metallic wedding dress or white dress complemented by “silver” embroidery.

If gold suits for blondes, brunette brides in silver are simply unmatched. If wedding gown is embroidered brightest sequins, such bride will look like a precious diamond. And the happy gleam in her eyes perfectly complements the charm of the attire.

Even inconspicuous white dress can be bright and original, if you add thin silvery openwork on a corset or a scattering of sequins on the skirt. Thanks to this uncomplicated trimming the dress turned out fascinating.

Silver wedding dress made of shimmering jersey with sequins is perfect for a small ceremony. Soft jersey creates a domesticity, at the same time, sequin, open shoulders, a slight asymmetry and a translucent skirt attached along solemnity.
Undoubtedly, to silver wedding dress there are suitable satin shoes with high heel that will perfectly complement your image. The model of the shoes must be elegant, so from massive platforms and too open sandals it is better to avoid. In winter you can choose not shoes, but silver boots.

For “silver” brides it is needed discreet but noticeable makeup. Better to focus attention on the eyes, not the lips. You can highlight the eyes with silver eye shadow, black eyeliner and white eyeliner. It is important to know that this makeup is not suitable for all the girls. For example, this option is not suitable for girls with green eyes. However, for women with brown, gray or blue eyes, this version of makeup is going to face. Lips you can just touch up the light pink lipstick or gloss.

It should be pointed out that bride should not to wear a large amount of jewelry with a silver wedding dress. Sparkling dress doesn’t need any additions. If you still want to wear accessories, they must be as small as possible. Ring, earrings, or multiple bracelets this will be enough. Since silver dress goes well with blue, then it is well suited jewelry with sapphires.

Speaking of jewelry, it is worth noting that gold doesn’t fit to such look (warm shades do not blend with the silver dress), an exception may be the product of white gold. Therefore, a more successful option for silver dresses is made of platinum or silver. By the way, the jewelry is best to wear on the wrists; the neck should be left free.

Also, for wedding-look sometimes it takes a few sparkling accents. For example, handbag and shoes from metallic leather, silver jewelry and a little bit of shine in the hair. And don’t forget about the classic duo of all time: silver and white. This combination always true!
We hope our selection of photos green wedding dresses, will help You to make a right choice!

(Sophie Hunter in role of happy bride)

(best silver wedding dresses from Vera Wang)

(Elie Saab silver wedding dresses)

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