Simple Wedding Dresses

Wedding fashion is very changeable. Every year there are new trends and original style solutions. Many brides get tired of screaming grandeur, pathos, feigned luxury and choose simple wedding dresses. Tenuity for a girl in her wedding day – the best option, so she will look more feminine and vulnerable, and it would betray a poignancy to her character. If lush clothing, lots of jewelry, frills, petticoats cause you a wave of indignation on the inside, the common dresses created for you.
Choice of style of such dresses is a difficult, longstanding process. It is very difficult to find a simple wedding dress which is not only going to like you, but also suit you. So we’ll give you some tips about choosing a simple wedding dress.

Finishing in the simple styles of wedding dresses does not distract attention, so the role of first violin gets cut lines and silhouette. A good cut of the dress, that sits perfectly on the figure of the bride, will emphasize the dignity of her look.
Let’s talk about the style of the dress. Simple wedding dress in Greek style will allow you to emphasize the chest, neck, hands, hide your belly. A simple silhouette lets you feel comfortable, easy. Simple wedding dresses Greek style is characterized by several common features: a flowing lightweight fabric skirt, high waistline, open neckline, minimal draping on the bodice. Greek dress cut free from the line under the breast just looks interesting and is a great option for pregnant girls or having a few extra pounds in the areas of the belly and thighs and girls who are looking for a simple beach wedding dress.

Simple wedding dresses in the Empire style will suit girls who wish to showcase their rounded shoulders and graceful back. The presence of pleats accentuate the chest, while the long cut of the dress will add a touch of playfulness. The advantage of this dress is that you can safely use a variety of massive accessories – bracelets, rings, tiaras. The main thing – do not overdo it.

Tight and straight wedding dress will look good on slender girls of any height. This kind of dress should not be low-cut or with cleavage – straight silhouette is beautiful in its simplicity. Easy-fitting wedding dress is suitable for young girls emphasize their innocence and beauty, and the Mature women adds sexuality. Girls who want to look simple and extravagant at the same time can focus on a translucent straight wedding dress.

Simple short wedding dresses will lay emphasis on the beauty of your legs tall and slim brides. Dress can be a little curvy, but if you want more luxurious – decorate your dress with a bright belt or accessories.

There is another option – direct dress with a single asymmetrical strap, these dresses are quite simple and airy, but very delicate and cute.

As for color, incredibly simple and elegant wedding dress is not necessarily white. In ancient times, brides used dresses of different colors, often red color, and the fashion for plain white wedding dress was introduced by Queen of Scots Mary Stuart, a heartthrob of many of the knights of those times. White dress signifies the innocence, purity, but if your desire is dress of a another color – let there be another, don’t be afraid to experiment.

Modest wedding dresses highlight its simplicity and sophistication of the natural beauty of the bride, making the image of a graceful, elegant and attractive. They attract many people for its affordable prices, because cheap simple wedding dress does not need expensive fabrics and decor. But to look expensive enough to be elegant. A simple dress can also look great if it is decorated with happy blooming bride.

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