Tea Length Wedding Dresses

Many years ago gone the days when a wedding dress in necessarily need to be long. Today length wedding dresses can vary the taste of the bride, and for anybody not a secret that there are many options length wedding gowns. If you follow the traditions and think that the wedding gown should not be short, but don’t want to hamper your movements are excessively long, we suggest you pay attention to tea length wedding dresses. The concept of tea lenght came to us from England. It is associated with the traditional British tea ceremony, which where the ladies needed to appear in a long, but not evening dresses. Girl dared to reveal the ankle, thus look not only conservative, but elegant. Since the dresses that end at the Shin level are called tea lengh dresses.

Wedding dresses with tea lengh most suitable for weddings in retro style. Vintage tea length wedding dress will look very modestly and gracefully, just like Audrey Hepburn.

Tea length wedding dresses will suit all the girls without exception, these dresses hide the extra pounds and show the beauty of the feet of the bride just as much as it should. This outfit will make the fragile figure, and the bride is incredibly feminine.

Dress can be lush and fun or simple and elegant – the choice is yours. This also applies to the color of the dress and the fabric of the dress.

Tea length wedding dress will show the beauty of your legs, so you should pay attention to shoes. Well will look beige court shoe, they will match almost all outfits and you can wear them after the wedding.

You can try on bright shoes on the one condition – the dress should be as simple as possible. Ensure that the shoes do not look inappropriate, you can add, for example, a bouquet similar color or shade.

In winter you can wear white elegant boots that will look nice, but you will not freeze at a photo shoot.

As for accessories, you can try on gloves and/or hat.


In the tea length wedding dress you will feel comfortable, will be able to dance and participate in competitions than in too short or too long dress.

The main advantage of this dress in it, you can look like and playful, and discreet. All of your choice. Use your imagination and will look gorgeous!

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