Wedding Dresses with Sleeves

If a few years ago most girls chose open dress with plunging neckline and cut-outs, last season shows another picture. Ladies often prefer the modest elegance of the sleeved wedding dresses. Even in summer girls choose bridal gowns with sleeves, short and long.

Long sleeve trends

Conservative and playful, tight and curvy, short and long, traditional white and other colors – wedding dresses with long sleeves don’t leave cold brides worldwide. It all started in 2011 with Kate Middleton, who became the Duchess of Cambridge. She put on her wedding dress with long lace sleeve from Sarah Burton for fashion house Alexander McQueen. Since that time it has been almost four years, but designers continue to be inspired by this exquisite gown.


The main feature of such dresses is that usually the sleeves are made of fabric that is different from the fabric of the dress itself. The most common material for sleeves choose exquisite lace, but other options are possible, for example, organza. These dresses are not only a great alternative to coats and boleros, which already had become tired, but also a wonderful option for wedding dresses for ceremonies in the warm season.


Wedding dress with lace sleeves

One of the most popular trends of the season is lace fabric. Lush short versions of lace not only accentuate the gentle image of the bride, but also distract attention away from full hips, slightly blurred the waist line, if such weaknesses are. See photo:



3/4 sleeve

Style of 3/4 sleeve wedding dress implies a length to the middle of the forearm. It is suitable for a girl with any body type, creating the impression of closeness of the dress, but also visually lengthens short arms. The model of such wedding dress will make the bride gentle and romantic. Skinny girls should pay attention to the styles of dresses with sleeves of transparent fabric, so hands will not seem fragile. Brides with thick handles will fit models from lace, satin.


To elbow

This is a convenient model which is a stylish addition to the wedding and allows the bride to feel comfortable during the holiday. It can cover crook of the elbow or just above, it does not change the attractiveness of the wedding dress. Elegantly outfit looks, where the lapel and arms covered to the elbow. This model will give your wedding look a very special gracefulness. Similar styles of dresses have no restrictions on length, look equally beautiful model dresses with floor length and knee length.


To the wrist

Long sleeve, covers the arm from the shoulder to the wrist, perfect for wedding, but also on the usual ceremony would look elegant. Frugal option – arms closed to the fingers, fully enclosed bodice and band-collar. Such models are made of translucent fabric, decorated with embroidery, lace appliques and rhinestones.


Look stylish model “Bishop”, fitting to the elbow and flared on the forearm. Wrist wide flared cuff ends and it is pearl or decorative cloth covered button. See more on photos:


Brief sleeves

Short sleeve variations with short and long wedding dresses will close too broad or narrow shoulders of the bride, additionally “lines” figure. Models with short length sleeves are ideal to celebrate in the summer. The bride doesn’t get hot and feel easy, also naked arms can safely decorate accessories – gloves or bracelet.


Cap sleeves

Super-short version, which the designer called “cap sleeve” that will barely cover the shoulders of the bride. It is suitable for girls with thin aristocratic hands. The photo shows the popular options of cap sleeve wedding dress:



Lantern sleeve define an overly narrow shoulders and will add lightness to the image, however, sporting girls, it is contraindicated. If you have narrow hips or you want cute lanterns for your image, the skirt must be lush to balance the figure. See photos:



Mandarine sleeves

Ethereal, tender cut mandarine sleeve wedding dress is ideal for brides. Elegant attire top distracts attention away from the waist and everything below. Also mandarine sleeves will create a beautiful fairy-tale image, perioperative bride doll. It is out of fashion for several years in a row, every year appear in the collections of different designers.



Fitting sleeves

Classical models of wedding dresses with fitting sleeves, embroidered with beads, pearls or embellished with lace, fit girls with a slender hand, emphasize the ideal line. It will look good slim lace sleeves. Long-fitting sleeves give the image of the aristocracy, sophistication. Moreover, such models are well-suited for a wedding ceremony in the church.


Long sleeve – the ability to hide the flaws and emphasize the dignity

Longer length that allows you to hide your hands from unnecessary views, are chosen by those ladies who feel comfortable in elegant modest version of the wedding dress. But it happens that they need to hide the body flaws that may be visible to all guests. This option will help to hide tattoos, scars, a large number of pigment spots, moles, even the age characteristics of the skin (hands women over thirty are already not in such a great tone, as in his youth).

For those who have the gorgeous figure, perfect transparent, barely visible sleeves that will draw visitors to the top of the gown. If you don’t want to spend all day in the dress with closed hands, that will not give proper comfort, think about purchasing a bolero that covers hands and an open back – this option is ideal for church wedding ceremony.

This year the designers have tried over the creation of many variants luxurious wedding dresses with sleeves. You can’t go wrong if you pick out an outfit with this graceful, elegant detail. Tell us in the comments what options you like.


Interesting variant – wedding dress with one sleeve


Wedding dress with sleeves and cut-away shoulders


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