Summer Wedding Dresses Wedding Dresses 

Summer Wedding Dresses

Wedding dress is the most important attribute of every bride in this season. That’s why her choice should be approached very seriously. But if your wedding is scheduled for the summer, it adds some options to selection. You should also take into account the weather and the place where will be held the wedding ceremony. Only here before you go to the salon of wedding dresses, you should learn how to choose a summer wedding dress. When choosing summer wedding dresses its key feature is comfort. Never buy a bride`s…

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Peach Wedding Dresses Wedding Dresses 

Peach Wedding Dresses – One more color idea for your wedding

A wedding is too serious and important event to take this too easy. This is the day that you should spend just how you want to, and in a few years, looking at wedding photos you don’t have to feel sorry about anything, especially your wedding outfit. We want to say that you should not be afraid to look like even at the wedding, especially the wedding. White color wedding dresses is not a rule, you can find a lot of alternatives to classic white color, for example peach color….

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Irish wedding dresses Wedding Dresses 

Irish Wedding Dresses: How to look like a Celtic beauty?

A wedding is an event which happens not so often, so you wouldn’t have to think about it and make it last the day without a plan and spending power. If you want to remember this event for life – then you should come up with something fun and interesting, we talk about the wedding in any particular style. How about Irish wedding? If you are addicted to the Celts, middle ages and like green and blue, then you’ll definitely enjoy it. But it’s not essential you select this style…

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Renaissance Wedding Dresses Wedding Dresses 

Renaissance Wedding Dresses: How to Look Like a Girl From Beautiful Paintings of the Beautiful Era?

Every future bride thinks about what style she will choose for the wedding, and most importantly – what wedding dress will help her become the most beautiful and desirable bride. Needless to say, there are so many styles, and so on, if you are interested in this article means you are attracted to dresses in the Renaissance style. It is worth saying that this style is quite different from the modern ones and you will not like the other brides, but is it bad? Renaissance wedding dresses as some demonstration…

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Christmas Wedding Dresses Wedding Dresses 

Christmas Wedding Dresses – The Atmosphere of Warm, Family Happiness

Wedding is a pretty responsible event, that should remain in your memory as one of the happiest day in your life. Many girls think of something, trying to stand out among the crowd of brides, but you can make it easier to organize a wedding in… a real holiday! Why not? For example, that can bring more positive emotions than Christmas? Only Christmas wedding. Maybe it sounds strange, but if you are planning to get married in the winter, then you definitely should think about Christmas decorations. Don’t afraid, Christmas…

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Short Wedding Dresses Wedding Dresses 

Short Wedding Dresses: Good Choice for Bold Brides

A wedding is a day that is remembered forever, even if it is not first. Beautiful white wedding dress with long lace train, about which romantic girls dream from childhood, but maybe you dreamed about something else? About a wedding dress, that is feminine, gentle and coquettish? Humble and at the same time extravagant? Exotic and modern? So what, in that case, should be your wedding dress? Unexpected and simple answer: short wedding dress! For wedding dresses there are used chiffon, silk, lace, taffeta, satin and lace, velvet and white…

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Spanish Wedding Dresses Wedding Dresses 

Spanish Wedding Dresses

If the bride on her wedding day wants to try on the look of a passionate and searing fatal ladies, Spanish outfit match her the best. Slim silhouette, the voluminous skirt with a train, an abundance of lace, accentuating the waist corset wedding dress in Spanish style can be worn only girl with a perfect figure.   The Spanish bride is a passionate, alluring, really a femme fatale. The bride, who chose for her look Spanish style, will look very sexy. Let’s look more closely at the main features of…

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Vera Wang Wedding Dresses Wedding Dresses 

Vera Wang Wedding Dresses

Every little girl wants to grow up and get married in a beautiful wedding dress. And she will be the most beautiful! But at least the girls get older, they continue to want the perfect marriage and wedding dress of course. Many opt for wedding dresses from Vera Wang. Brand Vera Wang entrenched in the minds of girls around the world as the most “Bridal” brand. Many celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Alicia keys, Chelsea Clinton and many others trust the opinion of Vera Wang when…

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Blue wedding dress Wedding Dresses 

Blue Wedding Dresses

If you and still have the idea that a wedding dress can be other than white, we continue to inform you about all the possibilities and colors in wedding fashion. We’ve already written about black, red and pink wedding dresses. The time has come for such a beautiful and symbolic as blue wedding dress. Why is it symbolic? These are echoes of a beautiful and very well-established Western tradition “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue”. A great way to implement the last part of the tradition is…

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Pink wedding dresses Wedding Dresses 

Pink Wedding Dresses

Pink is the colour produced by mixing red and white. Pink — the color of antique goddess Venus (Aphrodite). The origin of the name of this color is identified with the color of rosebuds. According to the symbolism of the pink is the color of dreams, the color of hope. In the order of St. Catherine given to women, there is a pink ribbon. That’s why this color is the color of femininity; pink linen opts for baby girls. It is the embodiment of refined love, tenderness, immaturity, weakness, timidity,…

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